Our Church’s Financial Health

At our Church Council meeting on January 19, 2020 we discussed the financial health of our church as we start the new year. We should rejoice and be thankful that we received over $30,000 in donations (including $20,000 from St. John UMC, ~$9000 from our own PFD drive, ~$900 from First UMC in Fairbanks, and a few thousand dollars from the combined efforts of our mission partners and supporters in the Lower 48) for the portico repair. The funds donated toward this project have ensured that we can begin repair on this structure as soon as the contractor is secured.

Additionally, Bonnie Bailey, Chair of Trustees, has been working diligently with the help of Chuck Foster, Treasurer, to secure the relief money offered by the US Government to help us repair our earthquake damage. The result of her hard work paid off last week, when we received our first loan installment of $50,000 from the Small Business Association (SBA) grantor. We have identified specific areas and given specific priorities to projects to utilize these funds for the necessary repairs on our building. This is a loan, however, and will be paid back over time. The relief comes in the form of the very low interest rate attached to this loan.

Given these large developments in our Church’s finances, combined with our recent stewardship campaign, we are working to develop and put in place a prudent and effective operating budget for 2020. If you have not had the time or have forgotten to submit your pledge for 2020, please do so, as this significantly helps our Finance Committee in preparing and caring for our budget in the coming year. Thank you.