Teams & Leadership

Chair: Jackie Holmquist
Vice Chair: Julie Foster

Lay Member to Annual Conference:
Membership Secretaries:
Abby Foster, Jan Wachsmuth

Lay Leaders: Dave Flagg, Karen Weckhorst
Treasurer: Chuck Foster
Financial Secretary: Jackie DeCou

Administrative Teams

Don Weckhorst, Chair
Rundy Galles

Financial Secretary: Jackie DeCou
Treasurer: Chuck Foster
Lay Leader: Dave Flagg
Trustees Rep.: Bonnie Bailey
Pastor: David Hall

Bonnie Bailey, Chair
Julie Foster
Tommy Myers
Dave Glines
Alan Kelley
Chuck Laird
Kevin Ulrich
Kay Abrams
Jan Wachsmuth

Sound System: Gavin Rueb
Special Projects: Al Beck, John Ruehle

Gavin Reub, Chair
Dirk Retzlaff
John Mitchell
Ellen Franklin
Jennifer Mitchell
Joyce Scott
Karen Weckhorst
Jeff Worrell

Lay Leader: David Flagg
Pastor: David Hall

Our Staff

Office Manager: Abby Foster
Accompanist: Terri Schimmack
Music Director: Julie Foster
Nursery Care Lead: Kim Ulrich
Nursery Care Assistant: Kim Berger
Janitorial Service: Shannon Robertson

Nominations & Leadership Development

Bonnie Bailey
John Mitchell

Lay Leader: Dave Flagg
Pastor/Chair: David Hall

Serving Ministry Teams

Sandy Anderson
Jeanette Legenza
Sharolyn Baldwin
John Mitchell
Stacy Flagg

Facilitator: David Flagg
Food Pantry Liaison: Betty Jo Worthington

Kay Abrams
Tara Riordan

Jackie Holmquist
Kay Abrams
Lynne Elliott

Welcoming Ministry Teams

Sally Laird, Chair
Jackie Holmquist
Music Director: Julie Foster
Accompanists: Terri Schimmack, Marsha Frederick
Special Projects (flowers): Danielle Brazil
Children’s Church Coordinator: Betty Burke
Worship Space Attendant: Sharolyn Lange & Alan Kelley
Pastor: David Hall


Dave Flagg
Dona Retzlaff

Welcome Center: Jan Wachsmuth


Website and Social Media: Abby Foster
Tot Time Coordinator:
Outdoor Fellowship Coordinator: Ellen Franklin
Name-tag Printers: Warren & Kim Ulrich
Event Site Coordinator: Nicole Riordan-Randall
Alternative Site Coordinator: Bonnie Bailey

Nurturing Ministry Teams

Michelle Reber

Sunday School Superintendent: Sandy Davis
Children’s and Youth Education: Karen Wekhorst

Supreme Bean Coordinator: Joelah Policarpio

Betty Burke
Jackie Holmquist

Alaska United Methodist Conference

Bishop: Elaine J.W. Stanovsky
Pacific Northwest Conference
P.O. Box 13650
Des Moines, WA 98198
1 (800) 755-7710

Conference Superintendent: Carlo Rapanut
Administrative Assistant: Crystal Feaster
1660 Patterson St.
Anchorage, AK 99504
(907) 333-5050