What is a United Methodist?

A United Methodist is a person who might live anywhere in the world.  Each one has a unique outlook on life formed by faith and personal experience.

As United Methodists, we strive to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, hoping to be his hands and feet as we work together to love our neighbors.

The structure used by United Methodists to do God’s work is referred to as “the connection.” Connectionalism has been very important to this denomination since its beginning. John Wesley, founder of Methodism, called people to mission and ministry in a hurting world. He stressed the importance of working in connection with others to make as big an impact as possible on those in need.

A United Methodist accepts others as they are by showing respect for different religious beliefs, opinions, and life circumstances. As United Methodists, we strive to offer a safe and supportive community for all.

A United Methodist is willing to learn about our biblical and theological background and uses this knowledge to be a witness to Jesus Christ in the world.

For information about United Methodist doctrine and beliefs, visit the United Methodist Church website.