Maundy Thursday Order of Worship

Maundy Thursday Color: Purple (symbolizing Penitence) The United Methodist Church of Chugiak Pastor: Rev. Steve Lambert 7:00 pm Drive-In Service April 1, 2021  Please tune your radio to 107.9 FM to hear the service broadcast. Welcome and Announcements Call to

Can Recycling Program Discontinued

For many years, UMCC has collected aluminum cans for recycling to benefit our church education fund. Sandy and Gary D have generously and faithfully seen to the cans, taking them to be recycled, and using the funds to purchase educational

Join Us for Holy Week!

Maundy Thursday Service 7 PM, April 1, no foolin’ Maundy Thursday is the day of Holy Week when we celebrate the Last Supper of Jesus and the disciples. Our communion service is a direct connection to the Last Supper. It

Time for Spring Cleaning!

It’s time for spring cleaning at the church! If you can help with any of these tasks, please email (Items that have been completed are crossed out.) Everywhere: Install new emergency exit maps Replace room numbers Level 1 (lowest):

Forest Park Update

We did it!  Thank you for helping our neighbors get water. By the end of the week, all residents of Forest Park will have their water restored.  The system may not be the most beautiful, but it certainly better than

Appointment Announcement

An Official Announcement from the Alaska UMC DS, Carlo Rapanut: It is the intention of Bishop Elaine Stanovsky to appoint Rev. Jim Doepken to serve as pastor of UMC of Chugiak beginning July 1, 2021. Pastor Jim is currently serving

A Quick Alert About Email Scams

We have received word from Superintendent Carlo Rapanut about a recent email scam, and we wanted to remind you all to be careful with your emails. There are currently many email scams happening now that are very subtle and hard

A Word from Pastor Steve

Corporate worship. It is worship we do together. But in our current Covid-19 era we cannot be together and also keep one another safe. As a kid growing up in East Texas and not being impressed with televangelists, watching church