Special Called Session of the AUMC

Many things are happening on a global scale within the United Methodist Denomination in the year 2020. One of the decisions to be made concerns the alignment of the Alaska Conference and the churches comprising it into the larger polity

Prayer Warrior Team

UMC of Chugiak has established a Prayer Team. We met for the first time on Wednesday, January 22, 2020. It was a wonderful meeting filled with faith, anticipation, and the desire to pray for the people of our church, our

Bible Study Returns for 2020

On February 5 at 6:30 PM we will begin a 12-week study on the Gospel of John. We’ll be using “The Gospel of John: Finding Identity and Purpose,” a study that covers 12 passages from the book of John. The

Instead of  signing up for a time of praying at the church, this year many more can participate in an Easter Prayer Vigil by choosing a time away from the church building to dedicate to these requests. These requests were


One of the great things about The Advance is that it allows you to invest your resources where your passion answers specific needs in the world.   What are you passionate about? Education? Church development? Health? Disaster response and relief?

Evening Services Begin This Sunday!

Join us for worship Sunday nights at 6 pm Beginning Sunday, November 19th, we will offer Sunday Evening Services at 6 pm. Music, prayers, scripture, the message, and kid friendly. Please feel free to dress comfortably. We will transition this

Mission u Studies This Weekend!

Mission U event is this week! The theme this year is “Beloved Community”. September 22-23, at UMCC. Study leaders are Linda Haynes, presenting Living as a Covenant Community: Spiritual Growth, and Fran Lynch, presenting Missionary Conferences of the United Methodist Church in the United States. Alaska Conference is highlighted as one of the three conferences in the study. For more info, visit aumwmissionu.blogspot.com.

Birchwood Camp’s Jamboree

Birchwood Camp will be hosting a jamboree next Sunday, August 13th. There are events and activities starting at 3 pm and going into the evening. Call the Camp office at 907-688-2734 to RSVP!

Church is a Verb Happening Soon

Our Annual “Church is a Verb” event is coming up in August. On that Sunday, we take our worship out of the sanctuary and into the local community to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Our big question right now is which projects will we tackle? Whom can we solicit to help us find beneficial projects? We need both active and sedentary tasks. The challenge is to do projects that make a meaningful impact without taking on more than we have the skills or resources to complete.