A Quick Alert About Email Scams

We have received word from Superintendent Carlo Rapanut about a recent email scam, and we wanted to remind you all to be careful with your emails. There are currently many email scams happening now that are very subtle and hard to spot at first glance. Most of them will have very convincing subject lines, and then will ask you to respond. Often gift cards are mentioned. Please double check the email address that sent the email – and look closely! They often use a familiar name to make it look legitimate.

Here is Carlo’s note on this current email scam:

Dear Friends,

I just got word from folks, including some of you, that email messages have been received from someone pretending to be me and using this email address: carlosalaskaumc@gmail.com. Please IGNORE THE EMAIL and DO NOT RESPOND. We are not doing any COVID gift card programs at this time and this is not my email address. Also, my name is not Carlos.

Thank you!

Your fellow disciple,

Rev. Carlo A. Rapanut | Superintendent

Alaska United Methodist Conference
A Missionary Conference of the UMC
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