Time for Spring Cleaning!

It’s time for spring cleaning at the church! If you can help with any of these tasks, please email trustees@umcchugiak.org. (Items that have been completed are crossed out.)


  1. Install new emergency exit maps
  2. Replace room numbers

Level 1 (lowest):

  1. Print and install new room numbers

Level 2:

  1. Kitchen: Replace door closures on cabinet doors that are broken
  2. Stairwell/landing from Level B to Altar area (B-15):
    1. Remove paint from floor
    2. Paint walls
    3. Caulk corner crack (lowest landing)
    4. Replace 6’ ladder (on hooks) for 8’ (may be in blue shed or tool room)
    5. Adjust motion detector on lower level to come on upon entry.
    6. Sweep steps
    7. IF 4-bulb ceiling light is not operable, remove.
    8. Install Y on end of red stick behind door to make second banner pole.
    9. Analyze possibility of building storage shelves over stairwell.
    10. (Can it somehow pass fire code?)
  3. B-16:
    1. Replace solid wall over inner door with a grill (vent) to prevent freezing of water pipes in ceiling
    2. Replace or reattach light
    3. Caulk corner in arctic entry
  4. B-15 Refinish door
  5. Hall by nursery pass-through
    1. Move toy(s) in corner to B-32
    2. Repair shelf on large toy (sitting on edge)
  6. Hall outside B-30/31/32
    1. Corner near B-31: peel old caulk, replace with new
    2. Replace chair trolley with more efficient model
  7. B-31:
    1. Move R4R carts to between-the-connexes storage or the far connex
    2. Dispose of TV, send VHS tapes to R4R
    3. Move R4R office supplies to storage in A-1.5 (chair storage room)
    4. Paint walls
    5. Move manger scene slats to pavilion (w/rest of stable) or Mech. Room
    6. Adjust door
    7. Replace carpet-to-tile strip
    8. ? Replace door stop with flipper-type
  8. B-32:
    1. Replace facing on cabinet
    2. Finish painting
    3. Paint woodwork to “refresh”
    4. Adjust door
    5. ? Replace door stop with flipper-type
  9. B-34: Find home for office settee parts
  10. Hallway from entryway to sanctuary steps: Signage: how to use prayer wall
  11. Entry Lobby:
    1. Trim/glue carpet snags
    2. Eliminate excess chairs
    3. Shampoo green upholstered chairs around table
    4. ?Build storage area in excess cloak room space
    5. Re-do “ALL ARE WELCOME” above inner doors
    6. Contact Missions re: collection boxes in cloak room … Get them out or advertise their use.
    7. Move tables from cloak room to corner by B-32 or to new storage above
    8. Clean out lower level of cabinet near stain-glass alcove
    9. Reposition coffee service to above cabinet
  12. B-5: Scrub grimy lines from floor tile (Janitor?)
  13. B-2: Glue magnet to back of dry-eraser.  Stick with markers
  14. B-3: Move wooden file from arctic entry to left wall (where brown table is now)
  15. B-4:
    1. Mount TP holder
    2. Clean base of backsplash (Janitor?)
  16. Office:
    1. Replace/reverse supports to stabilize shelf for microwave
      1. Move microwave from countertop to shelf
    2. Replace ceiling tile above CCS doors in office
    3. Weather-proof around AC in Pastor’s office
  17. Nursery:
    1. Touch up paint in corner behind the little house
    2. Straighten equipment in unused room off hall to sanctuary
    3. Remove stains in toilet
  18. Hallway to bathrooms at base of sanctuary steps:
    1. Repair hole in ceiling

Level 3

  1. Sanctuary:
    1. Paint (touch-up) side door off altar
    2. Refinish Lectern,
      1. Pulpit
      2. Altar rail
      3. Baptismal font
    3. Add bracing to large candelabras
    4. Replace white cord under piano with black & install cord cover on floor
    5. Make window fans detachable or find a way to cover for winter
    6. Send bagged pillows at back of sanctuary to R4R
    7. Sand and refinish entry doors and frames (they’re really dry!)
      1. Do they need to be fire-proofed?
    8. Clean, sand off paint, refinish overhead arches (BIG job!)
  1. Narthex:
    1. Store left-over carpet upstairs in Mechanical storeroom
    2. Reattach wire covers on ceiling
    3. Paint wire covers on ceiling to blend in.
    4. Restack hymnals in bookcase to an upright position
      1. Remove clutter
    5. Conversation area:
      1. Hang/center large mirror on blue wall over desk
      2. Hang mt./swan picture on light wall centering on conversation seating
      3. Remove white stickers from cabinet backs facing chairs
      4. Make “camel” chair disappear!
  2.  Bathroom:
      1. Refinish door frame
      2. Refinish door
  3. Elevator hallway:
      1. Replace spindly legged table under flower arrangement
      2. Refinish historic bench
  4. Paint elevator lobby door frame
  5. Alcove: repair sanctuary chairs
  6. Sound room:
    1. Install bookcase (from hall near B-32)
    2. Organize children’s church supplies
  7. Landing on Sanctuary steps: Install slat to bottom of tapestry