We Are Coming Back to the Sanctuary for Worship!

Sunday, May 23rd, Pentecost Sunday, we are returning to the church sanctuary for worship together! Worship begins at 10:15 AM. It is our intention to have it also streamed, but the online service might be delayed until later in the day. There will be some cameras and lights up front in the alter area that we normally do not have so that we can stream the service. These will be present until we are able to inconspicuously install cameras and lights in the near future. There will be some Covid restrictions to keep everyone safe being in a big room together.

Things to know:
1. Everyone needs to wear a mask.
2. Family units need to sit 6 feet apart from other family units.
3. We will not have congregational singing inside as we start up.
4. Childcare will be provided.
5. We do not have a maximum number of people allowed in the building as long as we can stay socially distanced.
6. There will be no eating together.

While these restrictions remain in place, how about some outside worship Sundays this summer where we can sing our heart’s content, have communion and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation with one another?

Please help spread the word and we look forward to getting to see one another, support one another, and join together in worship May 23rd in the sanctuary!