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Youth Programshigh school sunday school class with dip nets showing that we are fishers of people

Sunday School, September to May

Click here to print a copy of the Sunday School Registration Form. Return your completed registration form to the church office.

Youth Disciple

Youth Disciple has the same goal as the adult version: to create disciples who have a strong basic knowledge and understanding of scripture.  Youth Disciple is a 34 week study with daily scripture readings, a study manual and weekly 2 hour discussion session.  The discussion sessions are facilitated by adults who have completed at least one Disciple study before starting the Youth program. The class is offered every other year, with registration in the fall.

United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF)

The UMYF program is open to any youth in grades 6 through 12. It provides fellowship in a safe, Christian environment and strives to equip youth with relationship skills to see them through adolescence to graduation and adulthood. We strive to develop a deeper relationship with Christ and bring that love into the world. Visit our page for more information about programs and events, which are held from September through May.


This program, common to all United Methodist churches, is designed to lead senior high youth into full church membership.  But unlike in some other churches, our program is investigative and designed to help youth decide if they are ready to assume the responsibility of living a Christian life. One does not enter the program with the end result already determined. 

As infants, most of our youth were baptized or dedicated into the family of Christ by their parents.   Responsible adults pledged to educate their children in the ways of Christ and live a life that exemplified the Way.  After going through this four month program of weekly topics, the participants are able to decide if they want to take that responsibility for themselves.  If they do, the logical culminating step is to join the church.

For the most part, the topics are studied and discussed one-on-one with a mentor, a long-time Christian from our congregation.  The mentors do not pretend to know all the answers, but agree to search with their confirmands for understanding.  The pastor is used as a resource, along with the Confirmation book and selected activities. 

Our program always includes a weekend retreat, lead by Pastor and staff, covering 2 or 3 of the 13 topics.  All confirmands and most of the mentors attend.

The program starts at the beginning of each new year and culminates near the end of April.