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Recipe for a Great Youth Group

Shake all together for 40 days. Freeze and thaw for six days. Let it rest on the seventh.

United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF)

The UMYF program is open to any youth in grades 6 through 12. It provides fellowship in a safe, Christian environment and strives to equip youth with relationship skills to see them through adolescence to graduation and adulthood. We strive to develop a deeper relationship with Christ and bring that love into the world.











Join our group

If you are a youth, entering 6th through 12th grade, we invite you to join us. Our regular meetings are at church. We meet at 4 p.m. for free time in our Community Center. Our gathering and program begins at 5 p.m. Dinner is provided. Then we break into small groups for more in-depth discussion. Call the church office, 696-2353, for more information, or email us at

Check out Birchwood Camp (our favorite) and visit us on Facebook for updates on our activities.