Easter Sunday Order of Worship

Easter Sunday
Color: White (symbolizing Life)
The United Methodist Church of Chugiak
Pastor: Rev. Steve Lambert
10:15 am Drive-In Service
April 4, 2021

 Please tune your radio to 107.9 FM to hear the service broadcast.

Welcome and Announcements

Prelude      “In the Garden”      Connie and Eric Rueb

Call to Worship            Rev. David Hall
Leader: Christ is risen!
People: Christ is risen indeed!
Leader: Fear and death are overcome; love and resurrection life are God’s promises fulfilled.
People: Glory and honor to Christ Jesus, the victorious Savior.  Glory and honor to God the Spirit, among us in resurrection life.
Leader: Let us worship with glorious hymns of praise; let us sing alleluias to our risen Lord.

Opening Prayer
Lord Jesus, we gaze at the empty tomb in wonder and fear.  Is this really true?  Where have you gone?  We come seeking you this morning, yet are filled with awe at the mystery of the stone rolled away, and you risen.  What does this mean?  How will this affect us personally?  Resurrection God, by the power of your Spirit, roll back the stone of our deadness and doubt, resistance and fear, and bring us to new joy in the astonishing truth of resurrection life.

Opening Hymn
UMH #302 “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” (vs. 1,2,3,5)
With Brass Accompaniment by Eric and Connie Rueb
(Click Here for the Hymnal Music)
(If you would like to stand outside your car to sing, please feel welcome to do so)

Confession of Sin
God of eternal forgiveness and love, we confess that there is within us a reluctance to encounter mystery, to be afraid of what does not fit our frame of reference, but rather challenges and invites change in us.  We confess to our sorrow that in our fear we prefer the comfort, even the deadness of familiarity, of old habits and attitudes, rather than be shaken and stretched by your Holy Spirit into an entirely new way of seeing and believing.  In raising Jesus, you have revealed to us the truth that the tombs of our past sins are empty.  Yet we confess that some of us still fear death even though we have heard, even though we have been given the irrefutable evidence of the eternal nature of Spirit in Christ’s arising, and the assurance that we too live forever.  Forgive us the sin of our fear, we pray.

(May we each make our own silent confession before our Lord.)

Assurance of Pardon
Jesus the Christ speaks to us as did the angel at the tomb, saying, “Do not be afraid.”  Jesus has accomplished his mission; the penalty of sin and fear of death have been overcome.  And the grace of forgiveness and the gift of eternal life are ours this day, for our crucified Savior is risen.  Glory be to Christ!

Scripture Lessons

Leader: Listen for the word of the Lord.
People: Our hearts and minds are open.

New Testament Lesson    Acts 10:34-43

Epistle Lesson    I Corinthians 15:1-11

Gospel Lesson    Mark 16:1-8

Leader:  The Word of God for the People of God.
People: Thanks be to God.

The Message      Easter Fear      Rev. Steve Lambert

Special Music      “Hallelujah”      Eric and Gavin Rueb

Prayers of the People

Silent Prayers

Pastoral Prayer and The Lord’s Prayer

Closing Hymn
UMH #308      “Thine Be the Glory”
With Brass Accompaniment
(Click Here for the Hymnal Music)


Postlude      “God of Grace and God of Glory”      The Rueb Family

Please remain and greet one another in an appropriate and Covid-safe manner!