Recycle For A Reason Is OPEN FOR BUSINESS (March 11 & 12)

After a several month COVID delay, Recycle For A Reason is OPEN FOR BUSINESS again.

Yesterday a team of workers put in a full day setting up tables of used items to be used by others in the community. Even though the hours are 10 am to 4 PM, there were people already waiting to get in at 8:30 AM.

For those that don’t know, this is a mission that started in our congregation and now includes people from other churches as well. Two days a month we collect items from people who are cleaning out garages or getting ready to move or just have things that they don’t need anymore. Then, on one weekend, we open it up and let customers shop for items that they want or need and offer a donation for their purchases. These donations are then turned into grant for other mission projects, mostly in our very own community.

Over the years, over $220,000 has gone out in grants through this process.

Here are some images just from today.