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While regular budgets have "line items" and rows and rows of numbers, a NARRATIVE BUDGET tries to show how the Read more
On Sunday, November 7th -- the same Sunday we remembered "All Saints" and our Veterans -- The United Methodist Church Read more
The "Defying Gravity" series examines the generous life, what it is, and why it can be so hard to experience. Read more
A Prayer by Steve Garnaas-Holmes I praise the Saints who have graced us: the Great Saints, Francis and Teresa and Read more
A search for purpose and meaning in the events and choices of our lives. A costly journey with an unknown Read more
Friends, On Sunday, November 7th, we will be retiring our “Lamp of Safety” after twenty years. You may recall that Read more
Hello Church, This month we are celebrating a churchwide stewardship program called “Defying Gravity.” Over a four-week period we’ll examine Read more
School's starting, and UMCC is taking up a collection of school supplies to help out our local schools. There will Read more