Requesting a Grant

The income received through Recycle For A Reason is “recycled,” with much of it given in grants to support organizations and meet needs in our world, particularly in our community. Since its founding, this project has blessed others with more than $235,000 given out in grants and benevolences.

This occurs through the mission arm of The United Methodist Church of Chugiak.

If you would like to apply for a grant, our process is easy:

  1. Make your request in an email to The United Methodist Church of Chugiak office at This will be sent to our mission team.
  2. In your email state what the grant will be used for, who will be blessed by the funding, and how this impacts the community or world.
  3. Your request will be looked at by The Mission Committee of The United Methodist Church of Chugiak and they will respond to you after they have had a chance to meet.
  4. Some parameters in their consideration (none of which are absolutes):
    • Most of the grants have a maximum of around $500 to maximize the number of projects which can be supported.
    • They will be looking to get “the most bang for the buck”; giving preference to requests that will serve multiple people.
    • They give preference to requests that will help the local community and Alaska.
    • They give preference to organizations and projects with a track record of managing funds

Please know, the Mission Team doesn’t meet weekly or even monthly sometimes. They will respond as they are able. But it is their pleasure to bless the community in this way.