Church is a Verb Happening Soon

Our Annual “Church is a Verb” event is coming up soon. On Sunday, August 13, we will take our worship out of the sanctuary and into the local community to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Following a brief service, we go out into the community to do various projects that usually only take a couple of hours.

Our big question right now is which projects will we tackle? Whom can we solicit to help us find beneficial projects? We need both active and sedentary tasks. The challenge is to do projects that make a meaningful impact without taking on more than we have the skills or resources to complete.

For example, some of our previous projects have been:

  • Highway clean up
  • CCS grounds clean up
  • Chugiak Elementary school grounds clean up
  • Birchwood camp projects,
  • Blanket knitting
  • Church playground repair

If you have any comments or suggestions please talk to Dave Flagg, any Mission team member, or Pastor Tim. We are always looking for good projects to further our mission of ministry and service.