Water Needs at Forest Park

Overview of current water situation with our neighbors at Forest Park:

A worker and his son have tapped into the main incoming underground pipe but won’t be able to bury the connecting pipes until spring. In the meantime, an above-ground water system is being developed. Several mobile homes have already been connected, but the cold weather is creating havoc.

How can you help? Check your garage for extra pipe insulation (the foam tube type) that will cover 1 ½”, ¾” or ½” pipe. Bring any you can spare to the church this week and drop them off in the box outside the side door in the upper parking lot. Don’t have any lying around? Old fashion cash can make them appear. Six foot sections of insulation are priced between $1.50 and $2.50. Heat cable is also needed and that’s expensive, especially when 1500 feet is needed. It runs at about $1/foot. To help financially, visit our website’s giving page, and click on the Make a One Time Gift button.