Forest Park Update

We did it!  Thank you for helping our neighbors get water.

By the end of the week, all residents of Forest Park will have their water restored.  The system may not be the most beautiful, but it certainly better than hauling water in five gallon cans.

The contractor had to lay over 1500 feet of pipe above ground, insulate and run heat tape on all of it, then crawl under each trailer to hook into each mobile home’s existing water system.  Several snags developed.  First the well on the property failed.  This required an excavator to dig in frozen ground to tap into the water line coming from our church’s well. Then unexpectedly cold temperatures hit.  Several pipes burst when a “helpful” owner shut the flowing water off.  In spite of the setbacks, the contractor persisted, foregoing his own salary but, with our help, paying the excavator, his workmen and the bill for the plumbing supplies. In addition, he and his crew replaced burst pipes under some of the mobile homes.

On our part, we supplied several boxes of pipe insulation and $825 for supplies.  His heart and ours gifts accomplished great things.  Good work Christians!