Look at All the Work Being Done At Church

Thank you to the work team from Praying Pelican Missions. There is still one more day of work but SO MUCH has already been accomplished:

  • Cleared brush around “the viewing area”
  • Removed invasive trees
  • Cleaned up around church building
  • Tore apart scrap wood to dispose of
  • Scraped and painted the stairs leading to the playground
  • Removed brush around playground
  • Installed metal sheeting as water barrier near offices
  • Painted a classroom
  • Got bathrooms at bottom of stairs ready to convert to two unisex bathrooms and a mop sink.
  • Squirrel-proofed the storage shed
  • Trimmed our outdoor shrubs
  • Fixed a problem with the Supreme Bean espresso machine
  • Cleared the right-of-way to make the church more visible

And THAT’s just what they’ve accomplished at UMCC. They have also been siding and flooring a church in Anchorage and helping at a Food Pantry in Anchorage.

Thank you to our church folks who have been supportive in many ways:  Gail McCain, Warren Ulrich, Scott & Tara Riordan-Randall, Jackie Holmquist, John Abrams, Bruce Steely, Karen Weckhorst, Bonnie Bailey, and Pastor Jim.

Also, a big THANK YOU to Kay Abrams (affectionately called “Ms. Kay” by the team). She has kept the team on a list of tasks and has been “the face” of the church for the team. “When in doubt, ask Kay!”