Wednesday Work & Wieners — 6:30 PM in August (on Wednesdays)

Join us on Wednesday evenings in August to get through our “Summer To Do List” before summer’s end. We’ll work together for an hour or so and then Pastor Jim will bring over some hot dogs and chips and drinks we’ll eat by The Welcome Center. This is a way to be invested in our church and to be invested in each other.

Updated job lists will be at the Welcome Center. Below is a sample of some of the items left to do which you may want to tackle on your own at a different time:

  • Sweep parking lot after wood chipping takes place.
  • Pull weeds around road side banner.
  • Re-set light box by sign.
  • Finish vacuuming large blue storage shed.
  • Paint interior of blue storage shed
  • Wash/dry VIM blankets, towels, kitchen rags, pillow cases and sleeping bags. Pack away dried items away upstairs in the mechanical room, the one marked “storage.”
  • Organize storage in mech rm.; label by kind and numbers.
  • Move book shelves from hall leading to A-12 & A-13 to gym wall.
  • Move CCS coat racks from gym wall to hall.
  • Paint B-32, B-33  in preparation for Sunday School. B-34 can be a winter job.
  • Move creaky bench by upper side entrance of church to side of lower entry for recycling. Move black metal bench from lower entry pad to viewing area off upper parking lot.
  • Cut stumps of invasive trees down 2 inches. Paint with “straight” Round-Up.
  • Affix reflective take down 4” from top of bollards around well head in upper parking lot.
  • Replace broken cap on sewer pipe by dumpster.