Re-imagining Life Together Survey Results

The Returning to Worship Planning Committee (RWPC) began its work by creating a survey for the congregation, to determine attitudes toward the COVID-19 crisis and their influence on the congregation’s physical return to church. Furthermore, the survey was designed to determine a person’s willingness to return to the church building in the phases outlined in the
“Reimagining Life Together” planning guidelines set forth by the cabinet of the Greater Northwest Region of the UMC. The RWPC released the survey on 5 June 2020 and reviewed the results on 16 June 2020. The following is a brief summary of some of the important results:

  • 59 Responses were received. This was deemed a valid sample size for the UMC Congregation.
  • 57.63% of the polled UMC Congregation is considered, or lives with someone to be considered, a member of the population more vulnerable to a COVID-19 infection.
  • 31.03% of the polled UMC Congregation will not return to worship until Phase IV has been entered.
  • 17.24% of the polled UMC Congregation will not return to worship until no restrictions are in place.
  • 6.90% of the polled UMC Congregation prefers to only participate in online worship in the future.
  • The wear of face covering was the most significant factor in returning to worship (33.93%). Interestingly, this was important for those wishing to wear and those desiring not to wear face coverings during worship services.
  • 47.45% of the polled UMC Congregation is likely to participate in church ministries even if worship is not yet in an in-person format.