Pay It Forward!

Last year, UMC of Chugiak was the recipient of a “Pay It Forward” gift from St. John Eagle UMC. The gift we received was $10,000 and helped us to repair our portico from the earthquake damage it sustained. We decided at that time that UMC of Chugiak would make this annual event of “Paying it Forward” part of our ministry as well. The UMC of Chugiak Church Council has voted to make Girdwood Chapel the recipient of our 2020 PFD “Pay it Forward” campaign! The plan is to donate 10% of our PFDs (if able) to this worthy cause to help provide housing for the pastor in the small town of Girdwood. Meet Pastor Nico Reijns in this video on Facebook as he describes the project and its importance to the congregation and the community. If you would like to give, visit our one-time-giving page and select the PFD “Pay it Forward” option from the drop down menu. We will be collecting for this worthy cause through the month of July. Thank you for your support!