Letter From the Pastor

“Because God bends down to listen,
I will pray as long as I have breath.”
-Psalm 116:2

The above verse is displayed on the new prayer wall in our church’s hallway. When the verse was shared with me from the young lady on the mission team, it occurred to me as beautiful and, at the same time, foreign. “Why I had I never heard this verse before?” I asked myself. In looking through my Bibles, I discovered the reason why. I had never read the translation of the Bible she used in reading the text to me. Yet, it was her translation that used words that immediately spoke to my heart and connected all of us in our work in constructing this space for prayer. Leading me to understand, even more, that logic needs to give way to the Holy Spirit, so it may work in it’s mysterious ways.

I did not expect to become ill with COVID-19. My family and I have been quite diligent in abiding by the recommendations in place to reduce exposure. Amazingly, all whom I was in contact with during the danger period of infecting others have received negative test results and no symptoms have manifested. Something to be greatly praised! Yet, part of me want to know how and why? Part of me is angry and, yes, there is great frustration with being isolated. But, there is also healing taking place. I feel much better, nearly 100% better, than I felt a week ago. Thank you for your prayers to help me achieve that status. Alicia and the girls have been outstanding in their love and care of me during these last 10 days.

During this time I have reflected on the verse we put on the prayer wall. God shared with me, through the voice of a visiting young lady, a new way to hear and receive the good word of encouragement and strength in a time where I would need it most. In a time where it is easy to dissect and dismiss words from others that may seem contrary to our own understanding, or unfamiliar to our experience, perhaps it is okay to listen and let the important messages resonate in our hearts. Then the mysterious work of the Holy Spirit can begin.


Pastor David